Category: Double Basses

It is suitable for strings from 105 to 108 cm long so it satisfies the musicians who love large sound-boxes with the upper part 50 cm large and the lower 69 cm large.

The name comes from its adaptability to the sound of the orchestra.

Category: Double Basses

It is made following the model “Dorin Marc” and is adapted for the measures of the neck  for five strings. A five string model needs a large but not excessive sound-box so that it is easier to be carried. The string is usually 106 cm long unless there are peculiar...

Category: Double Basses

Originated from the model my father has made since the sixties it is the continuation of our family's luthier's art. It  has a very  proportionned  but measured  sound-box  (the upper part is 48 cm large and the lower is 66 cm large). It is suitable for strings...

Category: Double Basses

It is taken from an original “MARCUCCI” double bass  of 1902. The sound-box is perfect for strings from 102 to 105 cm  long. It has a very harmonious style with a very round shape well proportioned between the upper and the lower part so fully representing...

Category: Double Basses

It's a model suitable for strings from 105   to  108 cm long and has been studied together with Prof. Dorin Marc for the using of the bow in the German way. The CC are very opened and long with  very short points that let the bow pass without touching the  instrument. The...


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